Pastor Edward Brouwer 1-13-19 “The Battle Belongs to the Lord” 1 Samuel 18

Sunday I preached on the epic story from 1 Samuel 18 about David and Goliath, but really the story is woven in such a way that we see other actors too…

Act 1 Eliab/David. Eliab sees his brother as weak and worthy of derision.

Act 2 Saul/David. Saul also sees David as weak and incapable of fighting Goliath

Act 3 Goliath/David. Goliath perceives David as weak and a joke!

But in all three cases David approaches his brother, his king and his foe in the name of the LORD. And the story points to Jesus. Jesus came in weakness and won the great victory over sin and death and hell.

Jesus, like David is our “representative”. When David overcomes the champion Goliath and becomes a champion, he wins for all of God’s people a victory over sure slavery that day. Hebrews 11/12 tells us to remember David as a man of faith, but tells us to Keep our eyes on Jesus the CHAMPION of our faith.

We all need a Savior. We all need a champion who conquers our fear, shame and sin. Your life is HID with God in Christ. Your identity is in Christ, who is the Author and Perfecter of your faith.

Grace to you