Sermon 12-3-2017

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Pastor Edward Brouwer 12-3-2017 “Magnify the Lord” Luke 1:49-55 Advent Series 2017 Advent is a special time of year full of anticipation and expectation as we recall, remember and celebrate the coming of Christ the Messiah as God incarnate. During this season we will look each Sunday at 4 hymns sung in and around the […]

Sermon 11-26-2017

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Julian Bacon 11-26-2017 Malachi 1:2-5 “I have loved you” says the Lord

Sermon 11-19-17

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Pastor Edward Brouwer 11-19-17 “Sola Fide….Faith=Justification + Works” Acts 15 Faith= Salvation + works Last week we looked at the story of the miraculous release of Peter from jail as recorded by Luke in Acts 12. At the end of that story Luke informs us that Paul and Barnabas have left Antioch where they have […]

Sermon 11-12-17

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Pastor Edward Brouwer 11-12-17 “Praying God’s Word”   Work and Pray Last Sunday we wrapped up our Dinner for 8 group—what a great opportunity to get to know folks in our congregation over a meal in each other’s homes. I recommend signing up in the New Year because we are all encouraged when we observe […]

Sermon 11-5-17

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Pastor Edward Brouwer 11-5-17 “What is Your City?” Everything Sad becoming Untrue Sunday Nov 5th 2017 A long, long time ago, there was a kind old man who lived on the plains outside the Great Wall of China. The gentle old man had two great passions in his life: collecting rare breeds of horses, and […]

Sermon 10-29-17

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Visiting Missionary “Building a Missional Lifestyle” 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

Sermon 10-22-2017

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Pastor Edward Brouwer Acts 10:1-48 Dawning Understanding Dawning Truth There is the story of a man walking along a deserted road when he happens upon a magic lamp. He picks it up and out comes a genie. The genie is grateful that he has been released from the lamp. So he tells the man that […]

Sermon 10-15-17

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Pastor Edward Brouwer 10-15-17 “TRUE SIGHT” Real Sight Introduction—do you remember when you came to faith in Jesus Christ? Was it a distinct moment that you can recall a specific time and place or was it a more gradual coming to know him? I grew up in a Christian home with believing parents who led […]

Sermon 10-8-2017

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Pastor Edward Brouwer “QUESTIONS” Acts 8:26-39 Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch October 8 2017 Introduction—do you have questions about faith? Is it safe to ask those questions? How many of you have refrained from asking questions because you didn’t want to appear dumb or out of fear that someone would embarrass you? Many of you […]

SERMON 9-24-17

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SERVING GOD’S PEOPLE  ACTS 6:1-7 Serving Servants Cultural and linguistic differences are bound to manifest in life and in churches in various ways. We are a collection of quirky personalities each with our own issues and baggage. Some qualities can be helpful and some not in community. I am reminded of a story about 8 […]