Core Concepts

Providence EPC

Our Vision

We see people in Haywood County transformed by the gracious call of God in Christ on their lives and growing in the gospel transforming reality in our fellowship for the advancement of the Kingdom.

Our Mission

We are a church that is called of God to declare His praises, knowing personally the gospel transforming power of Christ, growing in discipleship, vibrant in corporate worship, centered in the Word from a Reformed and Evangelical perspective, rooted in healthy community life, caring for and reaching out to the least, the last, the lost and the lonely. Rooted in Christ we desire to be: Knowing, Growing and Going.

Our Guiding Principles

Rooted in deep reliance upon the Holy Spirit, grounded on God’s Word and convinced of the Hope of the Gospel, we prayerfully seek to leverage our resources for the sake of Christ to become an ever more loving, Spirit filled, dynamic and relevant gospel preaching and gospel living congregation in our community.


We long to be a community marked by deep devotion to the triune God, worshiping together in vibrant faith marked by prayer, confession, singing, giving and gospel preaching.


We are a fellowship growing in faithful discipleship to Christ in every area of our lives. In community we study His Word together, praying for each other, nurturing our faith and living in humility one to another, for the One Who has rescued us.


We are a loving intergenerational body, encouraging the weak, admonishing the wayward, building community through compassionate care and attention to soul health. We seek to build a growing and vibrant family of faith, through creative and warm engagement, that successfully brings into fellowship all those who genuinely desire to enjoy the benefits of greater connection to the Lord and His people. 


We desire to be marked by compassion for the lost and care for the hurting. We extend this locally and internationally through missions and evangelism. Each of us being called to let our light shine for Jesus in all the various places He brings us, we actively seek opportunities to share the Hope that is in us. Our deacons and elders lead us by example and encouragement to bold engagement with the needs of our community for the sake of Christ.

Our Aim

Through excellence in worship, we desire to honor the Lord, being attentive to His Word. In Sunday School, Women’s and Men’s groups, Youth group and Small groups we desire a deeper connection with others and careful study of Scripture, growing as faithful disciples of Christ. Through Missions and Local Outreach we actively contribute our time, talent and treasure to winsomely engage a dying world both here and abroad. Through Community Life we long to grow in genuine fellowship, to encourage each other in the faith, and so fulfill the command of Christ that we love one another. Through prayer we understand what the Father desires and how we can be part of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Our Strengths

We are women, men, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, grandparents and children in a loving gospel centered fellowship devoted to advancing the Kingdom. While not focusing on numbers, we desire to be found faithful with that which the Lord has blessed us with and it is our prayerful hope that He will entrust more to our care and gospel encouragement.  Our leadership of elders and deacons are devoted to the Lord and expanding the reach of our congregation. Through care and encouragement our leadership will encourage and exhort each family or individual under our care. We believe in the power of prayer. We are convinced of the Truth of Christ. Through the power of the Holy Spirit our greatest resource begins with the believers He has called to our church. We will steward our people, our time and our money for gospel engagement. We seek to be a church filled with people of all ages, young and old, finding relevant ways to meet the spiritual longings of all who call Providence home.

Our Strategy

We will cultivate our relationship with God and mature the core relationships of our lives because God is the center of our life and He calls us to relationship with Him and others


  • Leadership Development through training and encouragement of elders, deacons and leaders young and old through mentoring.
  • Enhancing worship through greater participation of our people in music, scripture reading and sharing gifts in corporate worship
  • Expanding discipleship to include helpful SS offerings and Small Groups relevant to the challenges we face in life
  • Encouraging members in evangelism and sharing our faith stories
  • Facilitating ministry opportunities through service such as Open Door, Bible Club and various local ministries and resourcing them well for greater effectiveness.
  • Educating and engaging our people in our international missions opportunities for greater support and involvement.
  • Developing youth ministry for expanded reach and impact
  • Communicating our vision and ministry through media such as Facebook, Website and Sunday announcements
  • Inviting those not yet members with a passionate plea for greater engagement and involvement
  • Fellowshipping with each other through regular and meaningful interactions such as Dinner for 8, after church snacks, movies, hikes and fun activities.
  • Offering various preaching series on relevant topics
  • Discerning how our present facilities provide the means for accomplishing our goal of gospel advancement