Getting Out of Self for Personal Growth
Getting out of self for personal growth is a series of four workshops. Each class is designed to move us from worry, anxiety, and fear to a life of direction and clarity that will help us to grow and have better relationships with others. These workshops are sponsored by Providence EPC in Clyde. The workshops are free to the community with childcare available and are presented on the second Saturday of each month from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon; arrive at 9:30 am to register. The church is located at 1400 Old Clyde Road. Light snacks will be provided. Please see schedule below for dates. Questions and to reserve your spot and childcare – please contact T. J. Anthony at 828-230-6501

March 14: Healthy Relationships verses Codependency: This workshop will define codependency, how it hurts us and others, what we can do about it and how to have satisfying relationships.

April 11: Self-Efficacy and How not to be a Victim: This workshop teaches how self-efficacy and taking care of self, increases our ability to make and reach our life goals.

May 9: Being Pro-active and the process of change: this workshop explores how looking ahead helps us to be inner directed and gives understanding on how we change.

June 13: Developing a Life Filled with Peace, Serenity and Love: This workshop will pull key points from the previous workshops with additional knowledge to gain the peace and love we all seek.